Secux V20 Hardware Wallet for Computer & Mobile User

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Our vault-grade flagship model is crafted with diamond-shaped metal frame, made especially for high asset users.


SecuX STONE V20 Flagship product with Vault-grade design offers Military-grade Protection for high crypto assets users.

  • Durable Diamond-shaped aluminum case
  • Embedded with “Infineon” (Germany Company) CC EAL5+ certified Secure Element chip
  • Large 2.8” Color Touchscreen display
  • Dual Connectivity – USB & Bluetooth
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Connect SecuX wallet with SecuX Mobile iOS/Android App

2.8” Perfect Size Touchscreen

View multiple crypto accounts at a glance

Say good bye to the annoying small letters and digits of your crypto-accounts! Vivid coin color logos will for sure cheer you up. The stone allows for up to 4 accounts of the mixed crypto assets to be displayed on a single page! During transactions, it is simple and easy to view all details at a glance. Say goodbye to the fuss of having to type and ruining your good mood.

BLE & USB Dual Connectivity
Make transactions from any device

Bluetooth5: SecuX STONE V20 and W20 are built using Bluetooth Low Energy, which uses advanced encrypted standard (AES-256) technology to ensure data transmission security. Low Energy is paired with One-Time-Password (OTP) to achieve one to one pairing authentication, preventing data leakage and ensuring secure transactions.

USB2.0: SecuX STONE series can be connected to Laptops or Desktop PC. The V20 uses USB Type-C I/O port, while the W20 and W10 use USB-B I/O ports.

SecuX STONE started from simple concept that takes all details in to account. It is able to prevent potential risks such as cyber hacking, virus implanting, physical invasion, clone swapping etc. The SecuX Team inspects everything, from supply chains, engineering designs, production flow and producing processes, to warehouse storage, packing with anti-tampering stickers, logistics, etc. SecuX does this to ensure sound delivery to your hands. The SecuX STONE is a sophisticated and user-friendly device that does not compromise security and safety.

The CC EAL5+ certification signifies that a product’s security has been tested and holds to a particular standard; EAL5 indicates that it has been semi-formally designed and tested while “+” implies one or more additions to the EAL base level rating.

SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallets are equipped with an Infineon SLE Solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip, which is used to create unique a PIN code and Private Key. Such secure standard is even higher than that used by most banking systems as protection from online attacks. SecuX Wallets are deemed as vault-grade or military level security devices that safeguard digital assets. SecuX Wallet’s Infineon CC EAL 5+ Chip achieves zero transaction Leakage possibility.